Work Culture at Paras Institute of Commerce: 

The basic but incredibly effective principle of \”Commitment\” serves as the foundation for the workplace culture of Paras Institute of Commerce Private Limited (PICL). We have placed a strong focus on devotion at work ever since his earlier days. Every employee at PICL fully recognises and appreciates the importance of commitment in bringing innovation to one\’s work. This work culture equips an employee at Paras institute of Commerce to work with utmost dedication in whatever job is given to him/her.

The second most important factor in making Paras Institute of Commerce a success story in the country is employee’s teamwork. A full and flawless study material and classroom lecture can only be provided to a student by an effective team. The Paras Institute of Commerce\’s motto is \”work hard, party harder.\” When it comes to enjoyable evenings, the staff makes sure that spirits are lifted to the sky and turn exuberant to celebrate the rewards of their labour.

Required Attitude and Skill Sets

At Paras Institute of Commerce, we believe that attitude is what makes a person successful and not lone skills. The search for a perfect for PICL starts at analyzing the attitude of the candidate. Skills, however, are something which can be developed as per the requirement. Conversely, if the right attitude is not there in candidates, who are seeking entry into Paras, then this is certainly not the place for them.

An organisation must recognise its existing problem areas in order to succeed. Hiring the appropriate resource—one who is capable of coming up with a solution for the organization—is the most common way to solve a problem. It is possible to think of the issue as a lock and the solution as a key. The same way as a business problem won\’t be resolved unless the proper resource works on it, the lock won\’t open unless and until the key is the right one. Similar to this, Paras Institute of Commerce Pvt Ltd searches for the ideal key to unlock the lock that stand in the way of reaching even higher altitudes.

For right candidates, Paras Institute of Commerce Pvt Ltd offers pay that is not only greater than the industry average but also limitless. It provides a corporate outlook with an entrepreneurial atmosphere in the correct proportion to support its employees\’ development in every areas.

To ensure a smooth induction, PICL offers a specialized induction program for its teaching and non-teaching staffs. Institute has a well defined employee development and support system. Our years of operational experience has helped us identify following attitudinal traits, which forms scale for selecting associates:

  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Team player
  • Loyalty and Reliability
  • Zeal to excel
  • Leadership
  • Systematic approach
  • Industriousness
  • Fun-loving


  • An Excellent Salary
  • Great Career Path
  • Intellectual & Personal Growth
  • Leadership Opportunity

How to Apply:

Please mail cv at and WhatsApp at 9896162844