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Your search is over if you’re searching for CA Intermediate Coaching classes. Paras Institute of Commerce has established itself as one of the top CA Intermediate Institutes in India, thanks to its high-quality instruction from qualified instructors, regular practice with the CA Intermediate papers based on ICAI patterns, and individualized assistance for each aspirant.

The Paras Institute of Commerce offers both Face to face and Virtual CA Intermediate classes. We’ll cover the entire CA Intermediate syllabus in the six months of the course, and after that, we’ll hold 10  test series for each topic.

Many Paras Institute of Commerce students achieved All India Rank in the CA Intermediate and IPCC exams thanks to the focused efforts of their instructors and fellow students. More than 35 pupils received more than 80% in the CA Inter results from December 2022.

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CA Intermediate Qualifications

Join Intermediate Course after passing Class 12th and Foundation Examination.

How to Register For Intermediate Level

Students must register for the intermediate exam online on ICAI website.

CA Intermediate Paper Format (As Per New Scheme)

The CA Intermediate course is divided into 6 papers, each carrying 100 marks.

Paper-1: Advanced Accounting (100 Marks)

Paper-2: Corporate & Other Laws (100 Marks)

Part I: Company Law & Limited Liability Partnership Law (70 Marks)

Part II: Other Laws (30 Marks)

Paper-3: Taxation (100 Marks)

Section A: Income-tax Law (50 Marks)

Section B: Goods & services Tax (GST) (50 Marks)

Paper-4:Cost and Management Accounting (100 Marks)

Paper-5: Auditing & Ethics (100 Marks)

Paper-6:Financial Management & Strategic Management (100 Marks)

Section A: Financial Management (50 Marks)

Section B: Strategic Management (50 Marks)

CA-Intermediate Full Syllabus as per New Scheme

CA Intermediate Examination

CA Intermediate exams also held twice a year, one in the month of November and other in May.

CA Intermediate Fees

Details of Fees

Both Groups (Rs)

Both Groups (US $)

Single Group (Rs)

Single Group (US $)

CA Intermediate Registration Fees





Student’s Activity Fees for CA Intermediate





CA Intermediate Registration Fees as an Article Assistant




Total CA Intermediate Fees











CA Intermediate Course Validity

The course is valid for four years after registration, and students get eight attempts.

Before commencing the Articleship, a student has to undergo Four Weeks Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft skills (ICITSS) consisting of Courses on Information Technology and Orientation Course.

Who Should Enroll in the Intermediate CA Classes at the Paras Institute of Commerce?

Join only if you are passionate about CA, want to rank higher, and want to clear the exam on your first try.

Additionally, the Paras Institute of Commerce offers online CA Intermediate classes.

For the entire Institute of Chartered Accountant training syllabus, visit Best Online Classes for CA Intermediate. We used the finest and most recent technology to create our online courses for CA Intermediate. We are committed to providing our tried-and-true teaching methods in the most user-friendly format possible so that our pupils can learn faster and without interruption. assisting students achieve their best CA Intermediate Results as a result.


You can quickly obtain CA intermediate study materials for the 2023 exams, as well as free PDFs of the practice tests, MCQ tests, online question papers, and free demo sessions. In less than seven months, our students can prepare for the CA intermediate test thanks to our committed schedule.

The complete 2023 ICAI group 1 and group 2 syllabus will be covered in our CA inter online classes.

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CA Intermediate FAQs

1) What is the eligibility for CA Inter?

The following two options are available for enrollment for the intermediate course:Candidates who receive at least a 50% grade on the CA Foundation Exam may enroll in the CA Foundation Course.

The following candidates may apply for the CA Intermediate course directly through the direct entry route:

A graduate or post-graduate in commerce who has earned at least a 55% or another graduate or post-graduate who has earned at least a 60%

An applicant is eligible to take the Intermediate level test.

2) How many subjects are there in CA Intermediate?

The eight topics that make up CA Intermediate are divided into two groups of four subjects each, and they are as follows:
Group1: Accounting, Corporate and Other Laws, Cost and Management Accounting, Taxation.

Group 2: Advanced Accounting, Auditing and Assurance, Enterprise Information Systems and Strategic Management, Financial Management and Economics for Finance.

3) Is CA Inter easy?

The CA Inter exam is not particularly challenging, but passing it requires perseverance, commitment, a sound plan, and numerous modifications. We at Zeroinfy offer the top study guides and video lectures to help you pass this challenging test on your first try.

How Can I Register for CA Intermediate?

Candidates must complete the online CA Intermediate Registration Form on the ICAI website to sign up for the CA Intermediate Course. ( Click Here to view the registration process step-by-step.

5) What is the next step after CA Intermediate?

After passing the CA Intermediate test, a candidate must complete three years of practical training or an articleship before being allowed to sit for the CA Final exams.

6) Which Group to be written first?

It entirely relies on the student. You ought to show up for the group in which you are more prepared and confident.

7) How long does it take to complete CA Intermediate?

CA Course Details


CA Intermediate

8 Months study period

Waiting Period of CA Intermediate Result

(Complete ITT and OT during such period)

2 Months

The only difficulty is that you have to finish every stage on your first try. Due to the fact that each attempt lengthens your trip by six months.

8) I am an MBA finance graduate and not working in a company from last 4 years . Can I take CA intermediate exam directly, am I eligible?

Yes. The ICAI permits candidates with a minimum GPA of 55% in commerce or post-graduate coursework or a minimum GPA of 60% in other coursework to enroll directly in its intermediate program. For more information on Direct Entry to CA Inter

9) How long CA Inter Registration is valid?

After its expiration, intermediate registration can be renewed for another four years for RS 400.

11) How to check CA Inter Registration Status?

Follow these easy steps to verify the status of your registration:

Click on E-services in the upper right corner of the ICAI website once it has opened.

Reprint Letter is a choice that you will discover. Select that choice, then complete all the fields.

A letter displaying your enrollment status will then be generated by the system.

After completing this procedure, you must regularly check the website because an update usually takes more than 30 to 40 days to appear.

You should get in touch with the ICAI support team or any local organization that handles these problems if the issue still persists after trying all of these steps. However, it is effective the majority of the time. So, there’s no need to freak out.

12) Can I do CA Inter directly after CMA Inter?

You can choose a Direct Entry without going through the CA Foundation if you completed the CMA/CS Inter exam. to learn more about CA Inter’s Direct Entry.

13) What is the fees of CA Inter?

The CA Intermediate Registration Fees structure is as follows:


Both Groups

Group I/ II

Registration Fee



Students’ Activities Fee



Registration Fee as Articled Assistant





Examination fees